You love your children and hence you are ever ready to do anything that ensures good education and secured future for them. You choose the best school for them. You don’t stop here, you walk an extra mile and search for a good tutor who could help them with their studies. But, many a times that doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to be. You find that your child is least interested in studies, despite school, and in tuition he isn’t able to perform satisfactorily. He starts throwing tantrums the moment he looks at the books, he refuses to go to school or tuition, he doesn’t listen to you or remains hooked to screen or mobile for hours. All your efforts, to bring his attention back to studies go in vain; nothing seems to work. And, even if he sits for studies, he lacks either interest or focus.

In most of the cases the child sits for hours with books open in front of him and eyes wide open but he fails to recall during exams. Your dream of good education and secured life for your child seem to be shattering right in front of your eyes and the worst part is you don’t know what to do. You feel helpless and give up on him or get frustrated, get angry and punish the child. But, does it solve the problem in any way? No, that’s not the solution and you know it.

But you don’t have to lose hope. Believe in your child.

“Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.” – Lady Bird Johnson

Believe that your child has great potential. What you need is – just a right approach to discover and unleash his hidden potential. 

You would want to ask us – Is it possible? And how?

We would say – Yes! of course!

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We together can figure out root cause of your child’s disinterest in studies, lack of focus & inability to recall. We can help you keep him engaged in more constructive meaningful activities and get rid of mobile and TV addiction. The solution we provide are efficient and effective because they are based on extensive research and multiple intelligences. 


What Will I Learn?

  • Test and assess your child's potential
  • Ways to spend quality time with your child and build strong bonds with him
  • Unlock your child's potential and help him understand his strengths and weaknesses
  • Keep your child meaningfully engaged without TV or mobile
  • Help your child develop self-confidence and high self-esteem
  • Help your child enhance his decision making capabilities
  • Multiple activities to nurture your child's creativity
  • Arouse your child's interest in academics and improve grades

Topics for this course

Awaken the GENIUS in your child

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Hi! Welcome to The Education Plus Academy. We, at The Education Plus Academy help teachers and students redesign their future & transform lives by means of education, soft skills training, motivation, parenting, career guidance & self-management. The various courses offered by us help students get an extra edge in terms of identifying their hidden potential, strengths and weaknesses. This helps them manage themselves, develop self-confidence, high self –esteem, a positive mind-set and positive approach towards life and successfully reflect it inside out. As a result, they raise bar for themselves, set higher goals, perform better and achieve more. A little more about The Education Plus Academy - The Education Plus Academy conducts courses under two divisions viz. Education Plus and Personality Plus; which cater to different needs. The academic courses for students and teacher training programs are conducted under 'Education Plus ' while all other skills development, self-management and career related courses are delivered under the banner of 'Personality Plus '. The teacher training programs help teachers in capacity and confidence building, develop an ability to look beyond obvious, find clear purpose and learn skills to teach in a way that brings out the best in learners. This results in meaningful engagement of students and better learning outcomes. About our Founder- Mrs. Usha Rajesh Sharma is the founder and CEO of The Education Plus Academy. She is an educator, trainer, students’ confidence & self-management coach and an aspiring image consultant & soft Skills trainer. With a Post Graduate degree in Inorganic chemistry, Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration and Management, Professional Diploma in Train the Trainer and Certificate in Neuro Linguistic programming; She holds an experience of 17+ years in the field of Education. During her 17 years long career she has touched the lives of many students and helped more than 3000 teachers enhance their confidence, teaching ability and facilitation skills. Teaching and training is her passion. Thank you for visiting and showing interest in our services.
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